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Inserts and open hearths show off your fireplace and heat the inside of your home. Learn all about the models you have selected and come to us for advice.

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Wood stoves

The most beautiful models and the greatest brand names can be found in our show-room: varied shapes, trendy colours, steatite, large, small, for heating or even cooking - we give the advice but you make the decisions!!

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Gas inserts and open hearths

You have opted for gas and one of these brand names is on your list - Barbas, Bodart & Gonay, Kal Fire, M Design, Metalfire.

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The right heating appliance

Heating your home intelligently starts with an appropriate fireplace or stove.  An open fire gives a lot of atmosphere but not much heat. A moulding (cassette open fire) gives a lot more output and a modern wood stove gives an output of 90%. The capacity of the stove must be adapted to the room to be heated. An insufficient capacity implies a lack of heat. A too great capacity means that the stove is functioning at half of its power. And this is bad for the combustion process.




Sober and functional. Practical and aesthetic. The new generation of multi-fuel built-in fireplaces is all that and so much more. The purity of its lines, its wide glass door and the complete absence of any superfluous elements make it a decorative feature that integrates wonderfully into all fireplaces and all types of interiors. But don't be deceived: this simplicity is only on the surface. Complying with the most stringent European standards, both in terms of safety and respect for the environment, the INFIRE range is a authentic concentration of technology. Able to burn dry wood, coal or briquettes with equal ease, it can also boast exceptional output and very easy maintenance. It gives your interior a new definition of comfort and perfection.


Name FOYER INFIRE 743-744
Maker Bodart & Gonay
Output 10 kW
Weight/packaging 110 kg

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Information for professionals:
If you are a master cabinet maker, a professional in the building trade specialising in renovation, or an architect...?

Then this is about you

Whether you are choosing a decorative contemporary fireplace, a conventional fireplace in stone, marble or even a rustic fireplace, Design Stone marble will meet your needs with very competitive prices...

Likewise construction of a sink, washbasin and lavabo in bluestone, schist or antiqued stone.
Kitchen worktop, marble bath , shower or again a stone table.

For the inside, a stone or marble staircase. Design of natural stone paving.

In our showroom, a wide selection of wood-burning stoves, inserts and solid steatite stoves.

All year, round you will find promotions and good deals for the asking!