Craftsmanship and technology

The craftsman brings together art and technique. He embodies thoughts, suggestions and feelings in natural materials.

You will enjoy delivering your plan to the craftsmen at DESIGN STONE.

Your interior design will be modern - surprise yourself and find with us that exceptional design which will delight you and your hosts.
Your home will be testimony to the past, with our craft rooted in the tradition of the stonemason, while at the same time gaining from state of the art techniques.

Dare to enjoy yourself - the craftsman listens to you, interprets, recovers and produces your innermost desires.

The stone, once worked, will take its entire dimension from your home and will carry through the years the style that you have impressed on it.

Stylish fireplace

Contemporary fireplace

Information for professionals:
If you are a master cabinet maker, a professional in the building trade specialising in renovation, or an architect...?

Then this is about you

Whether you are choosing a decorative contemporary fireplace, a conventional fireplace in stone, marble or even a rustic fireplace, Design Stone marble will meet your needs with very competitive prices...

Likewise construction of a sink, washbasin and lavabo in bluestone, schist or antiqued stone.
Kitchen worktop, marble bath , shower or again a stone table.

For the inside, a stone or marble staircase. Design of natural stone paving.

In our showroom, a wide selection of wood-burning stoves, inserts and solid steatite stoves.

All year, round you will find promotions and good deals for the asking!